Keep Your Eyes on Everything without Intruding on Privacy

Surveillance Technology

When used correctly, surveillance technology is a limitless tool to maintain eyes and ears inside and outside your school, ancillary campuses, commercial buildings, municipalities, or hospital setting. Most school districts and larger organizations have some form of security cameras and video technology, but not all of them are optimized to account for any potential threat imaginable.

Imagine a world where your surveillance cameras:

  • Reduced loss
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Managed people and flow
  • Allowed for real-time video
  • Improved video quality
  • Reduced missing evidence
  • Ability to integrate with access controls, intrusion alarms, and more
  • Improved visibility
  • Improved operations
  • Allowed for long-term archives
  • Facial Recognition Technology
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Bring Security and Peace of Mind to You and Your People

The world isn’t safe, and it can be overwhelming knowing where to start when precious lives are on the line. Having a security professional in your corner helps you know where to start, what best practices suit your immediate needs, and where you should invest next. By providing an invisible and secure system, we bring security and peace of mind to you and your people.

Your Pathway to a Customized School Security System


Schedule a free site evaluation of your facility

We learn about your facility, where you stand with existing security systems, and uncover your immediate and long-term goals.


Offer tailored solutions that matter

As problem-solvers, we design best practices and systems to fit your security needs and walk through that transition step-by-step.


Experience protection on a whole new level

Once implemented, your system gives you hassle-free control over who, how, when, and what on campus.