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What We Offer

While the bulk of what we offer is related to school security systems, we are proud to say that C and R Services is responsible for high-end network-based security systems technology for over 3,000 facilities spanning various industries in North Texas. This includes securing over 10,000 doors with innovative access controls and over 60,000 surveillance cameras.

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From a small one-facility operation to a complex organization with multiple locations, we will create a custom solution that meets your objectives and keeps you and everyone around you safe.
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What We Offer

Active Controls


Lockdown Systems

Intercom Systems

Gate Control

Network Services

Intrusion Alarms

Bus Systems

Wireless Systems

School Security Systems

Our experience and success with schools is predicated on the belief that kids deserve to go to school each day without having to worry about something bad happening to them. At the same time, you have to make sure you create a security system that protects them without making them feel like they are in a prison. Our school customer base includes over 32 different K-12 school districts in North Texas, from single schools in a small town to the big Class 6A districts with a dozen or more campuses. We pride ourselves on quality installation, comprehensive safety, and zero interruptions to privacy and what’s going on in the classroom.

State and Local Government Security Systems

C and R Services has built an impeccable reputation when it comes to servicing the public sector. We understand the day-to-day security challenges our clients face, which is why they continually turn to us for help with everything from municipal courts and city halls to parks and recreation, police and fire departments, emergency medical services, military, public works departments, and more.

Healthcare and Commercial Security Systems

Healthcare organizations such as hospitals and assisted living facilities, as well as commercial buildings, restaurants, and more, are quickly becoming targets for mass shooting incidents and other acts of random violence. It is imperative to have the right security systems in place to keep your patients, visitors, customers, and staff safe at all hours of the day and night. C and R Services offers detailed video surveillance systems, gate control, and intrusion alarms to monitor every inch of your facility, as well as access controls to help manage the flow of people throughout the building and who has access to specific departments.

Your Pathway to a Customized School Security System


Schedule a free site evaluation of your facility

We learn about your facility, where you stand with existing security systems, and uncover your immediate and long-term goals.


Offer tailored solutions that matter

As problem-solvers, we design best practices and systems to fit your security needs and walk through that transition step-by-step.


Experience protection on a whole new level

Once implemented, your system gives you hassle-free control over who, how, when, and what on campus.

Experience Protection on a Whole new level and Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Kids.