Secure More Doors,
Control Who Gets In
and When

Access Control Technology

Replaces traditional key-dependent and code-based entry systems with dependable, innovative, and automated cards, key fobs, and credentials to help you effectively control who gets in and out of your facility. Access controls secure the perimeter of your facilities and seamlessly integrate with your internal layers of security – all while giving the right people easier access to everything from classrooms and hospitals to corporate offices, municipal courts, and more.

With access control systems, authorized personnel can enter a secured door without the need for a security officer or keys that could get lost or stolen. The user can shut it down with the click of a mouse. C and R Services offers a variety of access control systems to help you create a safer environment.

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User benefits:

  • Ensure access levels with a higher level of security and accountability
  • No more issuing keys to hundreds of employees
  • Reduce administrative costs of replacing keys and codes
  • Seamless integration to internal security ( cameras, intrusion alarms, announcements, etc.)
  • Update access privileges in an instant
  • Improves user convenience and security
  • Flexible Support
  • Protects against existing and future threats

Your Pathway to a Customized School Security System


Schedule a free site evaluation of your facility

We learn about your facility, where you stand with existing security systems, and uncover your immediate and long-term goals.


Offer tailored solutions that matter

As problem-solvers, we design best practices and systems to fit your security needs and walk through that transition step-by-step.


Experience protection on a whole new level

Once implemented, your system gives you hassle-free control over who, how, when, and what on campus.