School Security Systems That Protect Your Most Valuable Asset — Kids

Customized School Security Systems

We adapt to your unique needs. Whether it's an intercom to control public entry for one school or network-based internal and external security, lockdown systems, and surveillance for 20 facilities, you control who, how, when, and
what on campus.

Extremely Effective, Remarkably Invisible

You and your students don't need metal detectors and chicken wire for security. Our internal and external layers of security are your eyes and ears - designed to be less intrusive, more efficient, extremely effective, and remarkably invisible.

Peace of Mind You Can Rely On

If something bad happens, what's the fastest way to secure your students? Having a confident answer and the security systems to back it up means that you can instead focus your time and energy on creating the best learning environment.

Secure Your School without Sacrificing Quality Education

School is meant for learning. And that works best when students and parents have peace of mind. That’s often difficult to do as incidents of school shootings and other violent acts dominate news headlines around the country. As a result, schools and educators are constantly forced to balance high-end education with having concrete answers to how they’re improving safety and school security.

The world isn’t safe, and it can be overwhelming knowing where to start when precious lives are on the line. Having a security professional in your corner helps you know where to start, what best practices suit your immediate needs, and where you should invest next. By providing an invisible and secure system, we bring security and peace of mind to you and your people — all that’s left is to give us a call.
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Success Stories

Customized School Security Systems

Extremely Effective, Remarkably Invisible

Peace of Mind You Can Rely On

Industries We Serve

While the bulk of what we offer is related to school security systems, we are proud to say that C and R Services is responsible for high-end network-based security systems technology for over 3,000 facilities spanning various industries in North Texas. This includes securing over 10,000 doors with innovative access controls and over 60,000 surveillance cameras.

Your Pathway to a Customized School Security System


Schedule a free site evaluation of your facility

We learn about your facility, where you stand with existing security systems, and uncover your immediate and long-term goals.


Offer tailored solutions that matter

As problem-solvers, we design best practices and systems to fit your security needs and walk through that transition step-by-step.


Experience protection on a whole new level

Once implemented, your system gives you hassle-free control over who, how, when, and what on campus.

How Is C and R Services different?

We believe the approach to school security systems shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather than telling you, “This is what we have to offer” and having you pick from a lineup of ready-made systems, we pride ourselves on delivering customized, cutting-edge technology that you can afford and is designed to suit your unique security needs. It doesn’t matter if you have one small facility or 60, if you need one intercom system or access control on 400 doors across your school district, we are here to be your friendly, reliable, and resourceful security experts. We sit with you, figure out what you’re trying to do, and then develop a system to fit those needs.

Experience Protection on a Whole New Level and Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – Kids.